Adam's Enthusiasms

These are some odds and ends I wrote about my many enthusiasms. They used to live on my main website,, but they didn't make the cut in a recent redesign. I used to have a GeoCities page back in the day (I was at Area51/Vault/something-or-other), and these are exactly the sorts of things that were on there. God help you all!

Star Trek

The Fifteen (!) Timelines of Star Trek Ever had an idea stuck in your head, and the only way to get the needle out of that groove is to write it all down. This was one of those. If time-travel created the Kelvinverse, aren't there a lot more universes?
Star Trek: Comparative Chronology This is a comparative chronology of the Prime and Kelvin Timelines that I wrote sometime before we called it the Kelvin Timeline.
What’s So Wrong With Being a Trekkie?! I wrote this in early 2009 as a guest column on the now-defunct fansite Pink Raygun. Obama's recent election means it is time to come out as a Trekkie.
REVIEW: Star Trek Into Darkness This is the review of Star Trek Into Darkness that I wrote after the first time I saw it in 2013. At the time, I wasn't aware I was supposed to hate it...
The Arsenal of Freedom: Just for Kids When I contributed to the TNG fan anthology Outside In Makes It So in 2017, I was lucky enough to get my first choice episode -- which, believe it of not, was "The Arsenal of Freedom." Kids and Star Trek are a match made in heaven.

Master and Commander

  1. Master and Commander
  2. Post Captain
  3. HMS Surprise
  4. The Mauritius Command
  5. Desolation Island
  6. The Fortune of War
  7. The Surgeon's Mate
  8. The Ionian Mission
  9. Treason's Harbour
  10. The Far Side of the World
  11. The Reverse of the Medal
  12. The Letter of Marque
  13. The Thirteen Gun Salute
  14. The Nutmeg of Consolation
  15. The Truelove
  16. The Wine Dark Sea
  17. The Commodore
  18. The Yellow Admiral
  19. The Hundred Days
  20. Blue at the Mizzen
On my first reading of Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander novels, between 2004 and 2008, I fell in love with the adventures of the dashing frigate captain, Jack Aubrey, and the worldly physician, naturalist and spy, Dr. Stephen Maturin. I kept a running summary of their adventures so I didn't lose track of what was happening in this monumental epic. I've since re-read all of the novels at least once, and some of them several times. Spoilers!